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- Media and social research
- Media Relations & Publicity
- Events management
- Web Devp't / Hosting solutions
- Communication Strategies
- Report writing and rapporteuring
- Audio-visual production
- Magazine / Report Production
- Media Monitoring & Evaluation
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Bukoto, Kampala
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Kampala, UGANDA
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Communication strategies

We understand that communication is not merely about getting good press. It is also about making sure that your clients, potential clients and the general public clearly understand and appreciate the values that your company or organization espouse, as well as the work you do. It is also about understanding how to effectively respond to situations that might negatively impact on your organization's reputation and public standing such as controversy or crisis.

We will put together a dynamic communication strategy for you that will help you raise your profile, and enable you to communicate better with your customers and with the wider public, without breaking your bank.

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