Areas of Excellence

- Media and social research
- Media Relations & Publicity
- Events management
- Web Devp't / Hosting solutions
- Communication Strategies
- Report writing and rapporteuring
- Audio-visual production
- Magazine / Report Production
- Media Monitoring & Evaluation
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Bukoto, Kampala
P.O. Box 9117,
Kampala, UGANDA
Tel: 0772590207/ 0752705271

Media Relations and Publicity

Whether you are organizing a conference, launching a new product or a new book, we have the experience and contacts to get you the national media attention that you deserve. Having worked in the media as journalists, and editors, we know what makes a good story and what doesn't; why some stories are trashed and why others make their way to the front page.
We are therefore able to advise you on how to foster strong links with the media, prepare newsworthy stories in advance and create promotional materials as well as activities to catch the public eye. We will work closely with you to understand your resources, such as spokesperson availability and key markets for your distribution and budget, and then agree on a plan that will deliver your objectives.
You can choose to retain us on a monthly basis, or simply opt for a pay per service arrangement where you only pay for specific services if and when you need them whatever your PR objectives are.

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